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The financial landscape is changing rapidly, and credit unions find themselves susceptible to an array of different regulatory and economic challenges. Imagine facing these challenges head-on with strength in numbers and a Neighbourhood Network® behind you. The Neighbourhood Network® allows us to connect, share resources and intelligence, and face the future together. There is no doubt that we are stronger as a unit, and are better able to withstand whatever is ahead of us.

What do you think about when you consider

the future of your credit union?

The credit union system – finding relevance in a changing marketplace

Increasing and more complex regulatory requirements, both provincial and federal

The growth of fintechs and investment in new technology

Demographics and the sharing economy – it’s not your parents’ credit union anymore

Financial margin


Federal credit unions

In order for a credit union to be successful for the long term it must be relevant.

Keeping up with constant change and increasing expectations is a tall order. Why not consider a partner who will work with you to build on best practices and create a stronger credit union together?

Join the Neighbourhood Network®!

Here’s why:

You may choose to keep your locally established name and branding

There has been no loss of jobs in previous YNCU mergers

Retention of key people/skills/knowledge is a strong priority

Local decision making with respect to regional pricing and authorization limits

Options for specialization and focus in corporate, admin and operational functions (HR, Marketing, Compliance, IT, Business Intelligence, Commercial and Agricultural Lending, Sales and Service, Wealth Management, Finance)

A proven integration process to make amalgamation go smoothly

The benefit of combined liquidity, capital ratios, delinquency

Board representation

Increased lending limits and capacity, including Commercial and Agriculture

Local approval and administration of corporate donations means continuity of relationships

Patronage dividends that reward member loyalty

Financial/operational efficiencies that mean a stronger bottom line

Marie Delvecchio



“I have worked for the big banks for most of my career, and making the transition to a credit union was the best choice I could have made, both personally and professionally. Community First is a recognized and celebrated community partner, and I am always so proud to say that’s where I work. The merger with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union has only made me more excited to come to work every day. Since we were able to retain our name, local decision-making abilities, community contributions, and branding, there has been no effect on the public’s perception of us. To the communities we serve, we are the same great credit union, with the same friendly and familiar staff that they know and trust. However, we are now so much stronger behind the scenes. Because we are backed by a larger organization, we have grown in resources, products and services. As one, we can share everything, which means more options for our members. We are now better equipped to deal with any challenges that come our way, and with more staff helping each other out between credit unions, we are all growing professionally. I couldn’t be happier to work for Community First, and love being a part of the Neighbourhood Network®.”

Your Neighbourhood Credit Union building in Waterloo