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Kerry Hadad
Kerry Hadad

Chief Executive Officer

Your Neighbourhood Credit Union building in Waterloo
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Corporate Office

38 Executive Place, Kitchener

Since the 1940s and the formation of the original bonds in church basements and on plant floors, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union has a long history of partnering with like-minded credit unions to form stronger organizations in service to their members and communities. The current Your Neighbourhood Credit Union Limited was formed on October 1, 2007, when Grand River Credit Union Limited and the former Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (Windsor) amalgamated; the former Your Neighbourhood Credit Union had been formed in the 1940s as a closed bond credit union serving a teacher and education-related bond in the Windsor-Essex County area. Grand River Credit Union Limited was formed in 2004 with the amalgamation of Waterloo Regional Credit Union Limited and Brant Community Credit Union Limited, both community bond credit unions with roots stretching back to the 1940s.

Since 2007, Your Neighbourhood Credit Union has amalgamated with Mitchell and District Credit Union, Standard Tube Employees’ Credit Union (Woodstock), Fibreglass Employees’ Credit Union (Guelph), Boomerang Credit Union (London) and CN (London) Credit Union forming the robust organization it is today. Your Neighbourhood Credit union operates 17 branches that stretch from Windsor to Guelph.

Community First Corporate Office
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Corporate Office

289 Bay Street, Sault Ste. Marie

Community First started in 1948 when 20 people came together to provide a financial opportunity to their community of fellow steelworkers. This visionary group built the company’s foundation on guiding principles. More than half a century has passed since then, but throughout the years, the foundation has remained and these basic values have led the organization on a path to growth and success. In 2016, Community First entered into a merger with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, and operates as a division of Your Neighbourhood Credit Union Limited. The amalgamation offers members the same great credit union, with enhanced access to products and services. With the same local decision-making and great staff, the partnership puts Community First in a unique position to continue offering the same great products and services to its members, while also expanding its footprint.

Community First operates two branches in Sault Ste. Marie, and one in Timmins.

Lew Figol

Lew Figol

VP, Member Services

“The single constant in the evolution of any credit union is change. The decision to lead your credit union into a merger is a difficult one. The legacy you and your members have built over decades is a great source of pride and, for some, a merger suggests an ending. But when you engage with a partner who treats you like a partner, then a merger is really just the next chapter in your history. I had exactly this experience when I led Boomerang Credit Union in London into partnership with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union. YNCU brought the size and the scale that provided skills in risk management, finance, pricing, marketing and lending limits we simply could not have achieved on our own. And that meant we were able to provide more and better services to our members, and start to grow again in our market. We wanted to retain our membership, grow share of wallet and attract younger members, but we couldn’t do it profitably in an increasingly demanding and competitive financial services landscape. The agreement with YNCU guaranteed no one would lose their job as a result of the merger; that meant every member of our management and staff were comfortable and authentic when speaking with members and recommending the vote. The vote to merge was unanimously passed by the membership. Today, our members feel the benefit of current technology, more competitive pricing and greater community investment. Our staff have professional support and growth opportunities. We’re still in London and we’re banking on many more years serving our members. We don’t feel like we became part of something bigger; we became part of something better.”