The Neighbourhood Network

Deep roots, Stronger future

Picture yourself here…

Communities are better when there is a credit union supporting them. Neighbourhoods are stronger when we invest in families instead of stockholders.  Here’s an option to partner in a growing network that provides for local autonomy, shared services and strategic growth.

Picture your credit union continuing as part of the YNCU federated model – your roots firmly planted where your credit union began while contributing to a larger network.

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What is the Neighhourhood Network?
The Neighbourhood Network is an example of a federated credit union merger model. Credit unions are able to amalgamate to pool resources and take advantage of all of the benefits of being a larger financial institution, but are able to retain their name and local branding.

Picture a neighbourhood – not all of the houses may look exactly the same, but all of the people who live there help and support each other and recognize that they are stronger together. That is the beauty of the Neighbourhood Network. Each credit union retains its local presence, which is what credit unions are all about, but we are all on the same team, and can share resources and intelligence to help the larger organization achieve success.

Currently the Neighbourhood Network operates 20 branches, employs over 240 staff members in eleven communities, and services over 57,000 members with approximately $1.6 billion in assets under administration. As one organization, the combined investments will go further toward delivering the shared vision of providing leading-class financial services to members.

Benefits of Joining Our Neighbourhood

Local decisions

The credit unions in the Neighbourhood Network are committed to working in the best interest of their members. That means providing all members with solutions to achieve their financial goals regardless of the community they reside in.

Local People

Local staff and management continue to provide members with the same level of service they have become accustomed to. Through the amalgamation, employees will have new career advancement opportunities, greater exposure to different specialized sectors, and a greater capacity for ongoing training and development.

Same Great Credit Union

Understanding the uniqueness of the communities we serve as a combined organization, it is important to us to maintain our individual identities. Together, we represent more than an amalgamation, but a true partnership and one great organization.
In order for a credit union to be successful for the long term it must be relevant. As our founding members age we need to attract a broader and younger membership. As our employees age we need to attract and retain the best and brightest people who supplement and renew our skills and resources.

Keeping up with constant change and increasing expectations is a tall order. Why not consider a partner who will work with you to build on best practices and create a stronger credit union together?

Now that’s thinking co-operatively!